Window Well

Repair and Replacement

  • Window wells are the most commonly overlooked part of a home.​

  • Maintenance and upkeep is an easy way to prevent leaking basements.​

  • Clearing out mud, leaves, and other debris can significantly decrease the chance of water overflow.

Unfortunately, in some cases, it may be too late to salvage a leaking window well. When this happens it's time to call a professional.

When your area is hit by a heavy rainstorm the window wells of your home may fill with water. If this occurs, it is important you get it fixed. You don't want that water to find its way into your basement.

What are Window Wells?

Window wells are found outside the home. They are on all windows installed at/or below ground level. They are a semi-circular excavation that separates your window from soil. 


These wells are connected to your weeping tile system, which is found along the footing of your home. This system stops the water from accumulating in your wells. The water can then be removed via a storm sewer in the street or a basement sump pump.

Remember, a good window well should hold back soil by creating a rigid barrier.

Finished Window Well

Why is My Window Well Pooling with Water?

There are multiple causes for water pooling in a window well, but the most common issues are improper draining and clogs. This water may seem harmless, however, the elongated time in the well creates an opportunity for the water to seep through the wall and/or window frame.


If water is leaking into your basement it usually means your window wells are having drainage issues. Before replacing your window, double-check that your wells are draining properly. If they're not, try to remove all the unwanted materials (leaves, sticks, and mud).

Remember, a good window well should hold back soil by creating a rigid barrier.

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