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Basement Lowering, Underpinning, Crawl Space, and Basement Walkout Contractors!

What is Basement Lowering?

There are multiple techniques that can be used to lower your basement. Choosing the correct basement lowering technique is vital for maintaining the integrity of a home's foundation. At Nusite Contractors, we use a variety of guidelines to determine the safest basement lowering method for the foundation of your Toronto home. A few of the basement lowering guidelines that Nusite follows include:

  • The Structural Safety of your Home and its Foundation.

  • The Homeowners Basement Lowering Preference (Underpinning, Benching, Digging Crawl Space etc.).

  • The Homeowners Basement Lowering Budget.

  • The Overall Basement Lowering Goals (Height, Access, Waterproofing Methods, Foundation Repair, etc.).


Basement Lowering (also called Underpinning) is a process that can significantly increase the value of your home. Underpinning adds functional living space to your basement. Residential underpinning is intended to lower your basement or crawl space and convert a 5ft, 6ft, or 7ft high basement into an area that clears 9ft.

Underpinning Will Turn Your Basement into a Fun and Functional Space!

With the high property costs and the limited amount of real estate in Toronto, basement lowering (Underpinning) becomes an attractive and cost-effective way to increase functional living space in your home. A key benefit to basement lowering is the minimal red tape compared to the expansion of a Toronto home.

Why does Basement Lowering (Underpinning have less "Red Tape"?

Underpinning has less red tape because basement lowering is considered an improvement to the existing structure, and not an addition to a home.

Nusite Contractors is Toronto's Basement Lowering Company!



The bench footings basement lowering method is used when new foundation walls are installed. Bench footings are installed by digging down from the internal foundation wall, until you land just above the existing foundations footings. At that point, our team builds a "bench" between the foundation wall and the basement floor, creating foundation wall strength, as well as increased basement height. Basement Lowering and bench footing methods can convert a 5ft, 6ft, or 7ft high basement into a space over 9ft.


Digging out a crawl space is another basement lowering method that adds living space to your home.

This underpinning process turns a small crawl space into a full-height basement.

The digging crawl space underpinning process involves the removal of your basement floor and the excavation to your new basement height. Once the lowered space is clear of debris, your foundation walls will be extended and strengthend, creating a functional and livable basement.

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