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Exterior Waterproofing Process

1. Excavation

The first step of the exterior waterproofing process is the removal of the dirt and clay surrounding the cracked foundation wall(s).​​

2. Foundation Repair

Once the compromised wall is fully exposed, the Nusite team will complete a thorough check of your foundation wall and footings. At this point, all foundation cracks are strengthened with hydraulic cement (Protective Layer One).

3. Apply Protective Layer Two

The third step of the exterior waterproofing process is the application of an elastomeric membrane. The pliable polymer-modified asphalt membrane is applied to the foundation wall. This waterproofing membrane heals itself if foundation cracks develop.

4. Apply Protective Layer Three

The third protective layer in the waterproofing process is a polyethylene-dimpled drainage mat. This heavy gauge mat is known as waterproofing membrane. Waterproofing membrane is ideal for protecting the liquid membrane (Protective layer 2) that was installed on the cracked foundation wall.

5. Install Weeping Tile

A new weeping tile system will keep the exterior water level below the floor of your basement. A clean weeping tile system will collect sub-grade pooling water, keeping your basement foundation walls pressure-free, crack-free, and leak-free.

6. Backfill and Clean Up

Once your waterproofing work is complete the Nusite Contractors team will backfill the excavated area with 3/4 clear gravel and the excavated soil. We will also restore your homes' landscaping to its original condition. After that, the site is cleaned and the foundation of your home will be leak-free.

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