Our Interior Process
Our Interior Process
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Interior waterproofing is also known as an

Interior weeping tile system or an Internal perimeter drain system.

An interior system is an alternative method of waterproofing. It is used for concrete block foundations OR when excavation is not feasible. There is NO excavation involved in this process.

An interior system is a highly cost-effective option, however interior systems DO NOT waterproof your basement. These systems are designed to keep your basement dry by attracting and diverting the water back outside your home.

Our Interior Process
Internal Waterproofing Wall Access

Step 1: Access the Wall

Internal Waterproofing Channel
Step 2: Open the Floor Slab
Internal Weeping Tile
Step 3: Install and Secure the Weeping Tile
Internal Waterproofing Membrane
Step 4: Apply Polyethylene-Dimpled Drainage Mat
The Weeping Tile System (Interior)

The weeping tile system is placed at the base of the foundation - the footing of the home. The system is designed to dispose of any groundwater that has accumulated along the footing. The system follows the building's footings as it is the lowest part of the home and allows for a continuous circuit.

The system utilizes a plastic pipe that will carry the water from the weeping tile system to the sump pump; where it will be pushed out of the home. To stop clogging, pipes are covered with a root-proof sock before they are buried. Another way we keep the system clean is by covering the pipe with fine gravel.

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