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What Is The Best Waterproofing System?

Updated: Aug 6

This blog discusses the three main waterproofing systems.

When it comes to waterproofing your basement, there are three common methods.

1. Exterior Waterproofing

2. Interior Weeping Tile System

3. Crack Injection

The method to use depends on your home, surrounding obstacles, and your budget. All of these methods can work; however, only exterior waterproofing meets all the points in the waterproofing definition. The interior weeping tile system is known as a water management system.

The Most Effective Basement Waterproofing Method

The most effective waterproofing method is exterior waterproofing. The exterior system is the only method which fully waterproofs a home’s foundation. This system seals the exterior walls of your home and pushes all incoming water away from your basement. The water is pushed away by a french drain system, which, is also known as a curtain drain or a footing drain. The french drain is installed as a part of the exterior method and is placed at the footings of the home to catch and remove all external water.

If the exterior method cannot be used due to safety issues or budget concerns, then the interior weeping tile is recommended. Interior waterproofing methods are usually used when the exterior is inaccessible, or when cost is a factor.

The interior method utilizes drainage systems underneath your basement as a way to manage the water. These drains are all connected to a sump pump, which, removes the water.

Crack injection is a third method which, is used as a temporary band-aid solution for small cracks. It is important to understand your issue when using this method, as your foundation may continue to erode allowing water to seep through the crack(s).

The best way to determine which system to use is by contacting a professional waterproofing company.

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