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The Basics of Exterior Waterproofing

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

This blog discusses the basics of exterior waterproofing systems.

What is Exterior Waterproofing?

Exterior Waterproofing is the process of foundation waterproofing from the outside of a home or structure. Exterior foundation waterproofing is the best method to fix a foundation leak and keep water out of a basement. Exterior waterproofing is also very beneficial as it maintains a strong concrete foundation.

What are the benefits of Exterior Waterproofing?

Exterior waterproofing is known to be the best basement leak repair method for a variety of reasons. The first benefit to an exterior waterproofing system is its long-lasting life. If a leaking foundation wall is waterproofed correctly the home will not need to be waterproofed again.

The exterior waterproofing system dominates all other basement waterproofing methods for one main reason, and that is; it protects the foundation of your home. Dealing with water damage in your basement is a frustrating and time-consuming issue, however, it is not the only issue caused by seeping water or leaking foundation cracks. Basement wall leaks actually reduce the strength of a home's foundation and over time can create a dangerous environment. By hiring a professional waterproofing contractor like Nusite, you will maintain a dry basement and a strong foundation that will last for the years to come.

Contact Nusite Contractors Ltd. for a Free, No-Obligation Waterproofing Estimate and together we can keep your basement leak-free! Nusite Contractors has been proudly serving homeowners throughout the GTA for over 30 years!

How much does it cost to waterproof the outside of my home?

As waterproofing professionals that have completed over 50 million square feet of waterproofing applications throughout Central, Ontario, we will tell you that it is very hard to price a waterproofing job without seeing the job site. Pictures can be used to help determine an accurate price, however, there are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of a waterproofing job.

Factors that affect the cost of exterior waterproofing include; the condition of the foundation wall, the foundation wall material (concrete block, poured concrete, etc), site access, foundation wall length, foundation wall height, excavation needs, the amount of sub-grade windows, and more.

Exterior waterproofing is the more expensive waterproofing method, however, with its long lifetime and its protection to your home's foundation it is definitely the best waterproofing option for Toronto homeowners.

Exterior Waterproofing costs range between $100 and $200 per linear foot. This price will be determined by the site conditions listed above.

What is the exterior waterproofing process?

The exterior waterproofing process is made up of 6 main steps, they are;

1. Excavate to the bottom of the home’s foundation.

2. Check and repair the foundation wall. (Protective layer 1).

3. Apply elastomeric membrane (Protective layer 2). Foundation sealer

4. Install the polyethylene-dimpled drainage mat (Protective layer 3). Also known as a waterproofing membrane

5. Install the new footing tiles (weeping tile).

6. Backfill and clean up the job site.

Please visit Nusites exterior waterproofing page for more details about our external process.

Exterior waterproofing installation includes the application of drainage panels (also known as a membrane or polyethylene-dimpled drainage mat). These drainage panels protect your foundation wall by allowing water to flow through the dimples to the exterior weeping tile or French drain system (The weeping tile system sits at the bottom of the home’s foundation wall and footings).

The water is then pushed a safe distance away from the foundation via a sump pump (or by gravity, depending on your land). The water is then removed through a storm drain, dry well, drainage ditch, or a low-lying area of the property.

A french drain can be compared to a trench that is slightly sloped. A perforated pipe is placed in this "trench" and is covered with gravel. Its purpose is to divert water away from your foundation or high-volume areas. The perforated pipe is wrapped in a water-permeable material that keeps the path clear of debris (mud, soil, leaves, etc.).

How long does it take to waterproof the outside of a home?

The average exterior waterproofing process can take anywhere between four to six days. The job length may be affected by; the condition of the foundation wall, the foundation wall material (concrete block, poured concrete, etc), site access, foundation wall length, foundation wall height, excavation needs, the amount of sub-grade windows, and more.

What waterproofing methods don't work?

Correctly excavating and fixing leaking basements takes time. So the Exterior Waterproofing (waterproofing from the outside) is definitely a good investment. Some Homeowners prefer to try to skirt the issue by getting interior waterproofing. It is important to note that not all water issues can be fixed permanently through interior waterproofing.

Applying some sealant on your basement wall will not hold up in the long run, especially when water (under pressure) is pushing through the cracks and seals in your wall. Interior waterproofing may be able to manage the flow of water once it’s inside the basement, but that’s not waterproofing, it’s water management.

Why can't we waterproof the exterior of my home?

Exterior Waterproofing is not always feasible. If this is the case, interior waterproofing is a great option that will keep your basement dry. Reasons that inhibit exterior waterproofing include; safety issues, close neighbouring homes, limited access points, and winter months.

Nusite Tips

A good basement waterproofing company in Toronto will examine your crawl space/basement to determine the root of the problem! By doing this, they can then suggest the best solution for your home.

About Nusite

Nusite Contractors Ltd. has been proudly serving GTA homeowners for over 30 years! We are a family business and take pride in customer service and professional work. You can contact us here to schedule a free consultation and written estimate! We would be happy to help!

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