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The Basics of Interior Waterproofing (The Weeping Tile System)

Updated: Aug 6

This Blog Discusses the Interior Waterproofing System and its Instillation Process.

If an exterior excavation isn’t possible the next best solution is the interior weeping tile system.

If the water surrounding your home doesn’t have anywhere to go it will begin to seep through walls and floors. Exterior water applies powerful hydrostatic pressure against basement walls and floors, meaning if the water doesn’t have an escape route, it will begin to pool and eventually seep through your walls. This is where an interior weeping tile system comes into play.

An interior weeping tile system doesn’t technically waterproof a basement, but instead it effectively controls the water and channels it away. The system allows water to safely seep through the cracks, where it is then directed to the sump pump and safely pushed out of the home.

The Instillation Process:

1. Access the wall

2. Open the floor slab

3. Install and secure the weeping tile

4. Apply protective layer 3 (polyethylene-dimpled drainage mat)

A trench needs to be dug around the basement’s perimeter. They are made approximately 18 inches from the wall and reach the bottom the homes footings.

Next, the weeping tile is installed and covered with gravel. The weeping tiles attract the water because they are strategically placed at the lowest point of the home.

A sump pump is then placed at the end of the weeping tile system to remove the water from the home.

The water is then carried away resulting in a dry basement!

Please visit our websites exterior waterproofing page for more details about our Interior process.

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