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The Basics of Exterior Waterproofing

Updated: Aug 6

This blog discusses the basics of exterior waterproofing systems.

The best way to keep water out of a basement is with an exterior waterproofing system. This processes steps are:

1. Excavation to the bottom of the home’s foundation

2. Foundation check and repair

3. Application of protective layer 2 (Elastomeric Membrane)

4. Application of protective layer 3 (polyethylene-dimpled drainage mat)

5. Installation of the new footing tiles

6. Back fill and clean up

Please visit our websites exterior waterproofing page for more details about our external process.

When implementing exterior waterproofing, each membrane/coating is topped by drainage panels. These drainage panels allow the water to flow down to the exterior french drain system (The french drain system sits at the bottom of the home’s foundation).

The water is then moved a safe distance away from the foundation via a sump pump (or by gravity, depending on your land) and is then removed through a storm drain, dry well, drainage ditch, or a low-lying area of the property.

A french drain can be compared to a trench that is slightly sloped. However, this trench is filled with gravel and perforated piping that diverts water. The pipe is also wrapped in a water-permeable material to keep it clear of debris (mud, soil, leaves, etc.).

Blog Tip

A good waterproofing company will examine your crawl space/basement to determine the root of the problem! By doing this they can then suggest the best solution for your specific needs.

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