Repair & Concrete Work

Nusite Contractors Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in structural foundation repairs. We have the knowledge to help you with foundation issues of all sizes and complexities.

Nusite Contractors Ltd. Repairs and/ or Replaces:

  • Small Foundation Cracks and Holes

  • Crumbling Foundations

  • Sinking Foundations

  • Ageing Foundations

  • Bowed Walls

  • Major Structural Repairs​

  • Concrete Slabs

  • Basement Slabs

  • Suspended Slabs

  • Structural Openings

  • Sidewalks

  • Retaining Walls

  • Delaminating Concrete

  • Rusted Rebar

  • And Everything In-between​.

Weak foundations are a serious issue, so do extensive research when looking for a foundation contractor.

At Nusite we apply the latest in foundation repair methods and technology. We work to ensure your foundation is rock solid and impervious to water damaging effects. 


Remember that the foundation is what supports your home. Inexperience and poor work can cause major damage and safety issues.​

Not All Foundation Cracks Are The Same

Depending on the size, direction, and severity of your foundation wall crack, you may be suffering from a normal effect of settling concrete. That being said, it never hurts to get a professional concrete contractor to look at a foundation wall impurity.

When Should I Call a Foundation Expert?

You should call a concrete or foundation repair expert if you find one or more of the following foundation wall issues:

  • Horizontal/ Diagonal Cracks

  • Sinking Foundations

  • Aging Foundations

  • A Growing Crack

  • A Crack Allowing Water through

  • Interior Wall Cracks

  • Noticeable Dips in the Floor

  • Crumbling Foundation

  • Bowing (Curving) Exterior Walls


Tell-Tale Signs of a Foundation Crack

  • Wet Carpets

  • Water Stains on that Wall or Ceiling

  • Wet Baseboards

​​Remember, majority of the time a water leak is not entering your basement in the same area as the damages you are seeing. Hiring a professional foundation repair contractor, like Nusite, is the only way to accurately determine the source of your leaking basement issue.

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