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Established in 1990, Nusite has been serving customers for over 30 years and has over 100 years in combined construction management experience. We are a fully bonded contractor and are insured for up to $10 million in liability insurance.


Nusite is certified for material applications, spray-applied equipment, blindside waterproofing of shoring, exterior and interior waterproofing and we carry manufacturer warranty on our products that we install.  Our team has executed over 5,000 waterproofing applications throughout Central Ontario with great success and all backed by our 25-year warranty.  Our commercial projects are all witnessed by the manufacturers/approved consultants so you can be assured all applications are done to specification. 


Nusite has an in-house concrete division focused on concrete forming and repair projects.  From engineered structural projects, repairs, simple pads, post installations to the complex loading dock, we are experts in all concrete demands.


Our sales team is very experienced in the residential, commercial and ICI properties, and has extensive inspection training in moisture and structure. We all carry moisture meters, FLIR infrared cameras, and laser measuring tools to ensure we isolate, diagnose and propose the right solution the first time.


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